Sunday, December 10, 2006

That wasn't the half of it!

Thank you to the reader that sent me the snail mail clipping of the blog pertaining to the treatment that we received at the Alexandria Mall.
I wanted to touch base with all of you of the events that we left out by Town Talk, maybe because it was to long or it wasn't something they (the staff of Town Talk) thought important.

The whole motorcycle issue wasn't just where we were to park, but the reason we were told to move was because we were in "handicap van access" parking. You know those blue crossed lines that are at the end of the parking rows, those are also considered handicap parking. I always assumed that a "marked" area with the handicap mark and a visible sign were for handicap parking. But this gets better, the other man (which is also something that you all should know, is also, like my husband, active duty) has a handicap placard for his bike. But from most everywhere we have traveled in this state and in Texas that area was never an issue until that day.

I contacted the Alexandria Mall that following Monday and was directed to the Executive manager. He and I had a lovely long discussion as to his policy for "doo-rags". He was not aware (he stated) that there are different types of doo-rags and that he would have to further investigate this matter. He was very apologetic for his security personnel and said he would call me after his further digging. To this day I haven't received a phone call.

I also contacted the Mayor's office. Not only through numerous phone calls, but I sent the same email twice to the Mayor's first line of defense. She was told (at least that is what the young lady told me) that she had received my messages and my phone number and that she had not received my email. Now when I recited the email address back to the young lady on the phone she replied that the email address was correct. Now how can you not receive an email when the address is correct. The Alexandria Mall received the same email. I am just figuring that the Mayor's office is to busy to take a few minutes from their day to respond to a complaint.

I traveled to Lake Charles the following weekend and had a wonderful time. The traffic was a bit heavy, but the feel of the city was nice. You can tell the difference just in the air. Lake Charles Mall doesn't have some of the stores that I shop, but I will do that shopping online from now on and travel the extra distance to Lake Charles just to make sure that my shopping experience is a happy one.